Sunday, 27 November 2011

Snoods for greyhounds

I knit and sell greyhound snoods to raise funds for a greyhound charity called Action for Greyhounds. Of course I have two willing and sometimes not so willing models to photograph wearing the snoods – Here is todays photo shoot. You can find current snoods for sale HERE
IMGP1494 IMGP1501
IMGP1498 IMGP1499
IMGP1504 IMGP1496
My favourite is this one:

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pooches in the Peaks

Just a quick report in from the Derbyshire Peak District where we are staying on holiday this week.  Internet access is a bit sketchy as I am connected by a dongle.  I was a bit dubious about one of these but it managed to find a signal enabling me to hook on. 


After a full English breakfast in Bakewell this morning, we went for a 5 mile walk from the Longshaw Estate walking below Burbage Edge and then climbing up to Higger Tor amongst all the big boulders. 


We then had to clamber down the other side and walk back along the valley.  For the end of November the weather was fantastic although foggy in some places. 



The dogs had a great day and walked and ran far longer than 5 miles with all the running ahead and back to us again. Raven particularly enjoyed the rock climbing although Tillie was less sure.


Both of them are now crashed out and sleeping for Britain back at our holiday cottage.  I hate to tell them that there are several more days of walking yet!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pattern Junkie

I have to come clean, I have an addiction, apart from coffee and chocolate, something far, far worse….Patterns!  My acquiring of patterns far outstrips my time, my need, let alone my ability to ever get a teensy, weensy percentage of the vast amount of patterns that I now have in my possession ever done in my one life time, even factoring in hopefully that I shall be around for the next 40 – 50 years!

The last couple of weeks I have scored these:





The following three patterns I purchased from Debi Birkin Designs - Hemel & Hettie, Hooty Owl Cushion & Cupcake Tea Cosy.  All three of these patterns are available as instant downloads.


owlpillow-3_ezr2 cupcake-teacosy-small_ezr2

Last but not least this pattern – Quick & Easy Greyhound Sweater available from Aerie Designs over on Etsy.


Do you too have pattern addiction or are showing the tell tale signs?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Autumn leaves

Where are house is situated we are completely surrounded by trees which is really lovely but boy does it mean lots of raking this time of year.  I was taking no prisoners this year and bought a super rake.  This proved much easier and quicker than using my usual metal tined leaf rake which does a adequate job but is rather too vigourous, not only raking up the fallen leaves but pulling up some of the grass too.



My new rake is very lightweight and is made from plastic and made the task much easier – raking by the way is an excellent exercise for tightening those tummy muscles!  It would seem that the last trees to lose their leaves is the mighty Oaks, one of which behind our house is now a magnificent golden colour.



Whilst raking away the chickens investigated the recently up turned leaves before their attention was diverted by scrumping for the apple windfalls.

I religously collect up and store all the fallen leaves and fill my leaf mould bins, having to literally keeping jumping on top of the pile to make space for the thousands of leaves collected.  After 1 – 2 years, a lovely dark, crumbly mixture is produced and is an ideal soil conditioner which before covering up for the winter I put on top of my raised vegetable beds, along with horse manure and regular kitchen and garden compost.



Tillie was no where to been seen much preferring her R and R time to spent in the warmth of indoors, Raven however made regular trips outside, only to check up that I hadn’t abandoned him.


On the crafting front I have just completed this bright patriotic cushion which I intend to use on our recent maritime acquisition Perfect Lady.  The pattern is available from Michelle at her excellent blog The Royal Sisters Blog


Thursday, 10 November 2011

An afternoon out at the Seaside


Living in North Norfolk means that we are never very far away from the Norfolk Coast.  One of our favourite seaside destinations is Cromer -  famous for its crabs!


We had completed some chores in the morning and as it was unusually mild for the time of year, we thought we would take a drive to the coast.


After the end of September the restrictions for dog walking on the beach are lifted for the winter and Tillie & Raven like nothing better than a roar round on the lovely soft, golden sand, although this time the tide was in and covering up most of the sandy beach, but there was still plenty of room for a nosey about.


A couple of the crab boats had been out at sea and were coming into land on the beach where they were being pulled back up the beach by rusty, sea sprayed tractors. 


Once we had been for a walk, we went and had lunch in the Rocket Cafe which overlooks the beach and pier. 


They have outside verandah seating where you are allowed to take dogs.  I had pumpkin falafel, salad and chips – well, Tillie and Raven had most of the chips!IMGP1179


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Perfect Lady 2

Mostly this year as usual I have been kept busy with work at the boatyard.  You would think we would be sick and tired of all things related to boats.  For some reason we got it into our heads that we would like to have a boat of our own again.  Years and years ago we had a little wooden cruiser but were forced to sell it (long story).  We wanted a traditional wooden boat as opposed to the modern fibre glass boat. 

We nearly bought this:


We soon realised that it would take about 2 or 3 years to get this old girl floating again. 

Shortly after, we came across this:


She was built in 1936 by Herbert Woods as a sailing cruiser for hire, one of their Perfect Lady class – she was Perfect Lady 2.  She was in their hire fleet from that time up until the early 1980’s, so you can imagine the hundreds of families that have had there summer holiday on board her.  She had been stored on land for 3 years, so we had to make sure she was water tight before she was put back into the water, so we could motor her home.


Once we got her back to the boatyard, we took all her mast and sails off as we never intended to sail her but just use her as a motor boat.  We decided to put her name back to her original Perfect Lady 2. Over the years she has been modified somewhat.  She originally was 31ft but previous owners wanted to make her sail fast so added 3 foot on her back end so they could have a longer mast on her and more sail.  Nigel set to and removed the extra 3ft and put a new back end (transom) in. 



Also as she was a sailing boat, she had a complicated extra roof affair that raised and lowered when you were not sailing her for extra head room inside, rather like a camper van. When we bought her the extra head room had been taken off, but luckily we came across some of these window panels and Nigel put them back on and secured them in the raised position as we will have not have reason to lower them ever as we are not going to sail her.



Next instalment soon.