Monday, 24 August 2009

Walking & Knitting in the Derbyshire Dales

Last week we had a few days away in my favourite part of the country – Derbyshire. We stayed at Bolehill Farm Holiday Cottages which we first stayed at early last year. This is the third time we have stayed there now and it never disappoints. It is in a really beautiful spot high up in the hills just beyond Bakewell. They have 8 holiday cottages and they are pet friendly so we always call it Tillie’s holiday as she can come with us. We didn’t arrive until 10pm Saturday as we had a really busy turnaround day at the boatyard on Saturday, so after working all day from 7.00am and then driving for 3-4 hours, Nigel was exhausted, so once we had unloaded the car we turned in.

It was lovely to be able to wake up in the Dales on the Sunday morning. We spent the next 4 days walking in the surrounding countryside, especially high up on the edges. One day we walked high up to Stanage Edge from
IMGP4672-1024 IMGP4671-1024
Hathersage passing North Lees Hall. It was blowing very hard high up on the edge but there were loads of people about, hiking and climbing the edges. Of course we didn’t do any climbing but it was quite challenging clambering about the rocks and particularly interesting to see all the discarded mill stones left in the heather (which was out in full bloom) from when they quarried the grit stone. The demand for these millstones declined and so the quarrying ceased. How I would have loved to have an old mill stone to take home but can only imagine how tremendously heavy it would be!!
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After our daily rambles we headed back to our holiday cottage Lathkill where we crashed out tired out after our climbing & walking. I had bought with me a big box of various items knitted by myself, my Mother and my friend Barbara which all needed sewing together and filling. All these items I sell to raise funds for local greyhound charities. I managed to complete a number of toys including 2 cats, 2 teddies (one minus ears to be knitted and sewn on at a later date as I hadn’t got the particular pattern with me), 2 clowns, 2 Jean Greenhowe dolls, a ferret, 2 donkeys and 2 rabbits. It was quite therapeutic to work my way through each project, pinning them together, sewing them up and filling and then putting the final touches on. So now I have plenty of stock to be going on with.
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IMGP4814-1024 IMGP4816-1024
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IMGP4828-1024 IMGP4811-1024
Sadly our short break was soon over and we had to head back to Norfolk on Thursday ready for a busy Friday & Saturday at the boatyard. We normally use the A17 to travel back and forth but decided to try coming back another way as we always get stuck behind tractors etc on the A17 making the journey never ending. So we picked up the A1 and after only about 5-10 minutes we had a blow out on the drivers side at the back. Luckily we weren’t travelling at speed and happened to be right near an entry to a Little Chef, so we limped into the car park and Nigel changed the tyre with the emergency spare. We then travelled onto Newark in search of a new one and eventually found a tyre place that had the right size. We finally reached home after about 5 hours which should have normally taken us about 3½ hours. The weather was very nice in Derbyshire but must have been even hotter here at home as the garden was parched and the grass nearly knee high. Luckily Nigel’s Mother had watered the green house for me, which we always return the favour when they go away. I had loads of runner beans that needed picking, some of which were too ‘woody’ so these had to go in the compost bin but there were still loads to keep.


I like going on holiday but I LOVE coming back home again.

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