Large Crocheted Greyhounds for Sale

Would you like to have a greyhound in your house, that doesn't need walking, feeding or clearing up after?  If the answer is yes, then why not go for one of my hand crafted crocheted large greyhounds.  I vary rarely have any ready made to sell but if you tell me roughly what colour you would like, I can make you one, but please allow up to at least 28 days from date of ordering until day of despatch.  Made with washable acrylic yarn.  Sorry, I can only do all one colour greyhounds, partly coloured hounds are very time consuming and just not practical for me to do.  I can do different colour feet and noses.  Depending on the make of yarn used, they slightly vary in size but most come out the size of a large whippet or a small greyhound.   For size comparison against a real hound, see photos below.

Each greyhound costs £50 plus postage and packaging, depending on where in the world it is travelling.  Proceeds donated to dog rescues.

I have been kindly given permission by the designer of the pattern to produce these for sale for charity.  If you would like to have a go yourself, you can find the pattern here.

Please email here me if you would like me to make you a crocheted greyhound.

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