Greyhound Pixie Hats

Be sure to stand out in the crowd with your hound with this fun, delightful, pixie style hat! This is a hat and snood combined. Hand knitted with acrylic yarn for easy washing. One size - will fit most greyhound, lurchers and large whippets.
Each hat is £12 each plus postage.
All proceeds donated to dog rescues all over the world.  You can see who I donate to each month on my facebook page Crafting4greyhounds facebook page
Please see current stock available in my Etsy shop


  1. Just ordered a pixie hat and I can't Walt for it to arrive

  2. Hi, I am looking to buy one of these hats for my greyhound but ideally would like a blue one, I have had a look on your etsy website and there aren't any blue ones available, I was just wondering if you could make one to order?


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