Tuesday, 6 April 2010

T.E.D. the 2 campaigning greyhounds

I am a great fan of the Life sized Greyhound crochet pattern from Leonora Conlon of Aerie Crafts and have made quite a few of them.  Recently I have completed two rainbow coloured ones which were requests.  They are both going to be called Ted short for Totally Exploited Dog and are going to two campaign group whose aim is to bring about the abolition of greyhound racing -  Greyhound Action and my local group Action for Greyhounds UK.  They will be used on fund raising stalls, events and festivals that are held throughout the year.


Here they were having a meeting before going their separate ways – Not sure what relevance Mr Toad’s presence was but he is looking pleased with himself!


  1. Fantastic Sarah - these never fail to bring a big grin to my face!

  2. They are great, and for me it's the toes! the toes just make me smile... alot:-)

  3. Just seen this ! The toes ARE the cutest, must go and give the real dogs a kiss now :)


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