Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Raven update


You may remember Raven the black greyhound we were fostering for Action for Greyhounds UK, well two bits of good news, firstly he is fully recovered now, all wounds healed, most of his hair has grown back over his baldy bits (Nigel is well jealous being follicly challenged himself!) and now he has the most lovely shiny, glossy coat.   The second bit of good news is that he has at last found his forever home………….drum roll please……WITH US!!! 


We have decided to keep him as he is just about the most perfect greyhound you could wish for.  Seriously though, he has blossomed into the most loving, faithful, funny and handsome hound you could wish to meet.  Recently we have been letting him off the lead with amazing results, he actually has great recall. 


At the moment we are a three dog household as we are looking after Rocky who is back for his hols for a couple of weeks. 


Before that we looked after Sophie, a sweet little black greyhound whilst her owner went on holiday and in a couple of weeks we will be looking after Peg whilst her current fosterers go to New Zealand for a couple of weeks.  The only downside of keeping Raven is that we will not be able to long term foster anymore as taking three dogs to work with me is ok temporarily but full time sometimes is a bit hectic.  So for some people 13 is an unlucky number but for Raven Raisin it has been his lucky digit as he was the 13th dog we had fostered.


  1. That's such lovely news that Raven has found a home with you. They really are very beautiful dogs. Great work you are doing! Ros

  2. Awwh! Congrats to you and Raven!! :)


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