Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer colour

I haven’t been blogging lately as this time of year is really hectic for us.  The gorgeous summer weather we have been having lately has had a terrific effect on the garden with everything bursting forth with growth but It has been a hard job keeping everything watered.  This year I have been using an organic peat free compost which has a lovely texture but seems to dry out really quickly.  At them moment I am growing a variety of tomato called Garden Pearl which has a tumbling type growth ideal for hanging baskets and tubs, but the tubs are drying out really quickly even with watering them twice a day so I went to the local garden centre to buy those plastic terracotta coloured saucer type dishes you put under the pots but was appalled at the price of them.  On looking round for an alternative I spied some brightly coloured trays that were being sold as cat litter trays.  Not only are these ideal for my tubs and have a huge capacity but I can use them for putting small pots of seedling in for easy watering and they were cheaper too!



On the yarn front I have been crocheting some covers for boring plastic coat hangers.  I used the pattern Granny Hangers from Sarah London.  I love how they have turned out.

IMGP6528-1024 IMGP6529-1024 IMGP6527-1024

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