Monday, 8 November 2010

Week 7

Well I have continued with the running programme Couch to 5K – where it is possible to be able to run 5k after 9 weeks of training.  The idea is to run three times a week, mainly doing intervals – walk for so long, run for so long, walk for so long.  Week 6 was really hard as Day 3 was brisk walk for 5 minutes and then continuously run for a WHOLE 25 minutes!!  The thought of that was very daunting, but not to be deterred I started it and guess what, I managed to do it all.  According to my treadmill my distance was about 2 miles.  Tuesday night I start Week 7 which is the same as Week 6 Day 3 but hopefully increasing the distance over the same amount of time, so I shall have to up the speed a tiny but.  At the moment I am running at 5mph.  I usually hate to exercise unless it is walking but this programme I am really enjoying and once I graduate I am going to actually run outside!  Maybe by that time I will be fitter and not look so red in the face as I do at the moment.  You can download all kinds of podcasts for the programme with mixes of music and cues to walk or run at the appropriate times. At the moment I am using Carli’s podcast from her website Running into shape – the music is a mix of r ‘n’ b and hip hop, but there are loads of different ones out there.  The running must be helping with my weight loss as in 6 weeks I have lost 10lbs – only another 32lbs to reach my goal of a 3 stone loss!!


This is Floyd one of the dogs our rescue group is trying to find a home for – I probably run with my tongue out too!

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