Saturday, 26 February 2011

Back again with Blankies

You would think the amount of time I spend on my laptop, I could actually post a little more frequently on my own blog.  It is exactly the same with Ravelry(a knitting and crochet social networking website) that I am a member of.  If only I employed as much zeal and time to my knitting and crochet wips as I do browsing the projects, forums, groups etc that are on this wonderful site than I would be inundated with finished articles and projects.  This said I have managed to finish one long ago started project - Autumn Log Cabin Throw  I started this well over a year ago and did a few squares, then it was put away until just after Christmas when I dug it out and really worked on it to finally finish it.  I was pleased how it turned out, particularly as the colours I chose bring the log cabin effect alive. 


“Some folklore meanings to the log cabin quilt relate to the center piece and how the quilt block is pieced together. The center piece was traditionally a red square and was believed to stand for the hearth of the house, as told by the quilters to others in the late 1800s. The strips of material surrounding the center square alternate light and dark sides representing the sunny side of a house and the side in the shade. Another meaning to the light and dark stripes is that the light side relates to happiness and the dark side to sorrow, of which life is filled.” 


I didn’t use red for the centre fire square but a coppery colour which I hope had the same effect.

Another blankie project I have finished was the 70’s Scooby Doo inspired Groovyghan by Tracy St John.  This project just flew along, whether it was the delightfully retro bright colours or the crazy patterning, I just couldn’t put it down.  It was a zany, riot of colour that really lifted my spirits in the dark depths of a dreary winter.  The photos don’t show the colours to their best advantage as the current winter days are too dull.  Once the weather improves I will take some more.





  1. Both blankets are beautiful, but I LOVE all the bright colors in your Groovyghan! Such a cool pattern. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I love yor blankets they are fantastic, I also adore all the beautiful Greyhounds, they look adorable.

  3. Wow. I like the grooveyghan but love the log cabin quilt (it's a classic and your colours are so pretty.) Amazing how you can fly through an afghan when you're enjoying the colours and stitches, isn't it?


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