Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Garden Bargains

Here in Norwich we have a discount store where every thing is 99p or less.  If I am in town I always have a poke around and generally come away with a bargain or two.  This week was no exception.

I bought all these garden decorations for under £10!  My favourite I think are the flamingos.





And I pulled the first crop of radishes as well.  The garden has been very dry and I have done loads of watering but yesterday evening and night we had a good long downpour, absolutely soaking the garden and the rain filled all my water butts right up again.  Supposedly we are in for another hot and dry spell – proper June weather at last.


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  1. love the flamingos - they will be perfect in my chest of drawers where, right now, I've planted my cucumbers. I have to, since our garden is not ready for planting yet. but for the cherry tomatoes and other small plants, old drawers are good enough.


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