Sunday, 4 March 2012

Making Soap

I thought I would have a go at making my own soap, so after a while ploughing my way through the ‘interweb’ I can across this relatively easy and foolproof soap making recipe from Small Notebook

The first time I tried it I think I was over ambitious as I added colour and fragrance.  The soap turned out well but the colour was yuck and had no smell.  I was going for a purple, lavendar fragranced soap but ended up with a grey, normally soapy smelling bar.  I little bit more research on adding colour and fragrance I think.


Mixing the lye


Mixing the oils


Pouring the soap mixture into the mould


Setting in the mould


Frist attempt – Grey looking but perfectly usuable

The second time around I left out the colour but added some coconut fragrance.  Not sure whether this smells yet as I haven’t used any yet.  The second more natural looking soap, I plan to gift some on Mothers Day.


Second batch – more natural looking

You should try it, its fun!


  1. Great job! Your soap looks awesome! I have often thought of trying to make my own soap too, but just never got around to it.

  2. Very interesting. Your pictures are great and I think the soap looks beautiful. I buy handmade goats milk soap and it looks just like yours. I'm really impressed. I can see why people who make soap sell it because that's alot of soap (smile).

  3. I love coconut.

    Can I be rude and ask what the swan like thing is in front of you on your work top?

    1. Not rude at all! The swan is a decoy that Nigel made. The kitchen has duck decoys all over that he has made. I thought there was a better picture on a previous posting and here it is!

  4. "Lush" had better watch out! Deccy x

  5. god your not wrong there deccy i think i need a snood a bear and some soap pronto! :) xxx

  6. I've always wanted to make soap myself! Maybe I will someday if I can stop knitting long enough...


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