Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Come soon Spring…….please!

I normally love each season – the brighter days and new life brusting forth of Spring, the warmer, balmy days and longer evenings of summer, the changing colours of Autumn and the crisp days and cosy nights in front of the fire of winter, but I am positively longing for Spring to be Sprung.  Last week, I though hurrah, at last it has arrived.  We had some lovely sunny days and there was actually warmth in sun.  This was short lived as from Friday evening until Sunday morning it rained and rained and turned icy again with frequent wintry showers.  We live by and work by the river and the continuous rain has played havoc with the water levels of the river.  It is very high and covering our access road to our house, so we with wellies on, and the dogs without wellies have to wade through it to reach drier ground.  This is the same for the boatyard where the access road and most of the boatyard is under water.  I hate walking in wellies, it makes my legs ache but imagine being Tillie and Raven wading through icy water, poor doggies!!  Apparently next week, Spring is supposed to arrive….I can’t wait!!



So to cheer myself up and to remind me of the distance memories of summer I found this pattern for sunflowers here and made a few. 


Thats better!

Sunday was Mothers Day and Sam made my day by sending these beautiful flowers.


I made batches of cupcakes for my Mother and Mother in Law.




  1. Saw the forecast this morning and threy are saying it will warm up a bit, but then go cold again next week. Wish it would make it's mind up. Like you, I want spring to arrive and lead into a nice long summer.

    Loving the cheery Sunflowers. You Mothers Day flowers are lovely.

    Bet your mum and mum in law loved the little buns.

  2. The weather has been up and down over here too with lots of rain. My kids would definitely not be happy about wading in cold water. They won't even get in a plastic kiddie pool. Hope Spring finds both of us very soon.

  3. We just got snow last night, and I thought we were done too. It's March, so I keep telling myself it can't be long. Love your pretty sunflowers, and I always love beautiful fresh flowers. Your cupcakes look so pretty! I know those were well received. Who doesn't like to receive cupcakes! Hope the water goes down soon.

  4. We are anxiously awaiting spring here too. I think the sunflowers, real flowers, and cupcakes would cheer anyone up.

  5. Haha! The love the first picture, he's like "what the..?'

  6. The pictures were great.
    And your crafts are just adorable.
    You really have a lot of talent.

  7. I've missed you blogging, so it was nice to see your new post.

    Hope the water doesn't go any higher.

    Loving the sunflowers. The flowers from your son are so pretty.

    Those little cupcakes look nice enough to eat:)

  8. Lovely photos & very nice dog clothes! Where did you get it? Did you sew it yourself?


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