Monday, 12 October 2009

Rocky & Ruby

Not blogged for awhile but I am back again now.  Rocky our new foster greyhound lad is settling in nicely.  Cat training is going well and he is fine with Ali in the house but if he sees him outside he is still excitable.  Took him to the vets this morning to have his follow up booster jabs and he behaved impeccably.  He is still unsure and barky with strange dogs if approached on the lead but I think this is all talk as most of the time his tail is wagging.  He has put on a couple of kilos and is finishing all his dinner up now.  Yesterday we caught the narrow gauge railway at Wroxham and travelled the 3 miles to the next station at Coltishall and then walked back home to Wroxham along the footpath.  Rocky enjoyed all the new smells and was not fazed about the distance walked at all but I think he was glad to climb into bed once home.

I haven’t done much in the garden lately apart from clear one of the raised beds and dig it over.  I barrowed two loads of lovely crumbly leaf mould on to it yesterday.  I need to get some horse muck on as well then I can put the winter cover on and let the worms do the rest ready for spring.  I still have things growing in the other beds such as leeks, a few beans left, still got courgettes growing, carrots, chillies and spring onions. 

IMGP5145-1024            IMGP5144-1024


I have finished another crocheted greyhound – this time called Ruby.  I have already started the next one which will be a plain fawn one.  In between I have quickly crocheted some hats.

IMGP5096-1024    IMGP5099-1024

Last week I mailed a cheque off to Action for Greyhounds for £1008.08 which was the total of my fundraising from Sep 2008 to Sep 2009.  This was raised selling knitted toys and items, second-hand books, handmade cards and from the collection box at the boatyard.  A big thank you to my Mother and friend Barbara for the knitting help, everyone who donated books, to Wilma for the handmade cards and to everyone else who donated money or purchased something.  The money is going to a very worthwhile cause – campaigning to stop greyhound racing and to promote greyhounds as pets.

Rocky & Shoveler-1024


  1. Oh Sara...I love your blog! What talent you have in the crafts department and the gardening department.

    Thanks for visiting my blog...I am curious, how did you find me? I have only been blogging since April and am amazed at where readers come from!

    Take care, give the hounds a hug from Washington State in the USA!

  2. Well done everyone. The money will help enormously. Keep up the good work


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