Sunday, 27 September 2009

It’s supposed to be Autumn

Last week was the start of Autumn but here in sunny Norfolk you wouldn’t think it.  Again today dawned clear and bright and we had lovely blue skies all day and warm sun.  After doing a few chores in the morning (log chopping for the winter) we had some lunch and headed off to Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast.  We had a drink and a piece of carrot cake sitting on the verandah of the Rocket Cafe overlooking the beach.  Nigel took some photos of the crab boats hauled up on the beach particularly the only wooden one amongst them, all the other being made of fibre glass.

          IMGP5064-1024                IMGP5065-1024
There were a few brave souls frolicking in the water, loads of people sitting on the beach, people flying kites and dog walkers.  We walked along the beach which was a bit pebbly as the tide was well in and so not much of the lovely sand was exposed which makes walking easier.  Nigel was very brave and paddled about in the surf but I preferred to keep my feet dry.  Further on towards Overstrand we let Rocky our new foster greyhound off the lead as there were not too many other dogs about.  On the lead he has shown a little aggression to other dogs so we were being very vigilant about meeting other dogs.  Mostly he stayed close by which was good as his recall is virtually not existent.  Tillie as always ran about like a maniac until she wore herself out.  We nearly made it to Overstrand but decided to turn back just before and by the time we reached the parked car we were all glad to clamber in for a sit down.

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  1. I wish I had access to a beach that allowed dogs. I had so much fun the few times I have been. I love to see the pictures of someone else's normal life in a faraway place.



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