Monday, 21 September 2009

Greyhounds Galore

Yesterday we picked up our new foster boy Rocky.  He had been adopted 2½ years ago but due to a relationship breakup the lady was unable to keep him any longer.  Rocky is a super, gentle giant, much bigger than Tillie but very quiet and laidback. 

After picking him up we dropped into the summer fair and dog show at Worsted hosted by  Kerry Greyhounds the charity where we adopted Tillie from and who I usually foster for. This time I am fostering for Action for Greyhounds.  I entered Rocky into to the Bonniest Boy category but unfortunately he didn’t get placed.  We then had a picnic and walked the dogs a little way on the Weavers Way, stopping to look at the derelict lock at Ebridge and the also derelict mill nearby. 

IMGP4981-1024          IMGP4980-1024      IMGP4979-1024
Once we got home we went about showing Rocky all the garden and house and introducing him to Ali the cat.  Rocky was VERY interested in him so we will have to take that relationship slowly.  He is used to living with a cat but obviously it is different with a new cat.  I had to do some jobs in the garden and Rocky had a lovely time wandering about inspecting and sniffing every inch outside.  The chickens he didn’t seem bothered in at all.  We had a bit of a restless night with him which is to be expected and I had to get up and let him outside twice but on the whole he did really well with his first night away from his old home.
Today Sophie the greyhound was also dropped round to the yard for a couple of days by a friend who has to go into hospital for a couple of days, so we have quite a pack to look after for a while. After work (by the way they all come to work with us!) we walked them up the Bure Valley Railway footpath even letting Rocky off the lead.  Once we were home they all polished off them food and are all now comatose whilst I type.

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