Thursday, 17 September 2009

Can you guess what it is yet? Part 2

Introducing Rainbow the greyhound! I finished him on Monday and already he is taking advantage of the facilities as you can see!
IMGP4937-1024 IMGP4936-1024
Unfortunately his stay here was very short and he is now on a transatlantic voyage to Pittsburgh USA. I crocheted him from the most wonderful pattern by Lenora Conlon who has graciously and generously allowed me to sell the finished greyhounds on the internet for greyhound rescue fund raising.

One member of our household will be leaving tomorrow, Sam is back off to Uni. Today we went shopping for mainly purple! clothes. We have loaded him up with some store cupboard staples and given him a huge steak supper tonight, so that should keep him going for a bit.

We will have a new member joining us on Sunday – Rocky the greyhound (a living breathing one) who we will be fostering for Action for Greyhounds. The dog I had previously to Tillie was called Rocky so that will be strange to be using that name again – more on how he settles in the future.

I had a quick look at my bees yesterday and as I thought, one of the hives is empty so I am down to just 2 hives now, and one of them is a very small colony. There was a few dead bees in the bottom but no sign otherwise of what had happened to them. Of course the wax moths had taken advantage of the empty hive and had moved in. I have made some autumn feed up for the two remaining hives and at the weekend I shall remove the honey supers off and put the bucket feeders on along with the varroa treatment. I will try and take some photos when I do but it is a bit awkward operating the camera with big leather gauntlets on!

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