Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chilly Tillie

My friend Barbara made these super jumpers (sweaters) for fund raising.  Tilllie was very patient and let me put them on her and pose for the photo shoot.  Mind you, it probably won’t be long before people’s thoughts turn to wearing winter woollies as today the weather has really changed to what it has been like.  Last Tuesday we were experiencing temperatures here in Norfolk of 29c but today it is windy, and overcast and only 15c.
IMGP4924-1024                IMGP4927-1024
I am still picking runner and french beans albeit small amounts as the french beans have sprouted at the bottoms again.  The ground is really dry though and much as I hate to say it we are desperate for some rain.  I harvested all the pumpkins today as I didn’t want them to rot where they lay.  The tiny tennis ball sized one was grown in a container, so next year I will only grow them in the garden.  The plants were given to me by Steve a work colleague who bought a pumpkin last halloween for his children and when he had carved it he saved the seed.  Not many tomatoes left now but I still have a couple of cucumbers growing in the greenhouse.  I pulled my first leeks today which were massive!  Looking forward to eating those.  We have been eating sweetcorn all week as well.  This year has been the best yet for yield all due to my wonderful raised beds built for me by Nigel in lieu of a holiday (long story!)
 IMGP4918-1024              IMGP4916-1024
Whilst pottering about in the garden this morning, three lovely almost grown cygnets came to say hello.  Luckily there was plenty of bits of bread and rolls going stale in the bread bin, so they had a little snack.  Mind you they had to contend with Tillie eyeing the bread up hungrily as this is one of her most favourite treats.

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