Monday, 22 March 2010

Spring has Sprung!


It is official – Spring is here!  At last we can put the long cold winter behind us and look forward to warmer days and lighter evenings.  It was even warm enough the other day to go out without a coat on.  One day last week I spent the day clearing up the garden, tidying away last years bedding plants (I am ashamed to say left all winter), sweeping up the remainder of the leaves which luckily for me I have a brush attachment on my mower which makes this job so easy, turning over the soil in the veg beds and generally just relishing being outside all day in the sunshine.  Next job was to look through my seeds to see what I need to get – somehow I have ended up with 3 packets of courgettes! 

I can’t lay claim to the gorgeous crocus’s above – I snapped this photo outside someone’s door in Tideswell Derbyshire whilst out on a walk this weekend.


  1. Pretty flowers:-)
    We have snowdrops out at the moment; they are so lovely, and my daffs are about to flower soon too.
    I will be growing loads of corgettes this year as I found the best recipie for corgette salsa in the world ever! I finished off the last jar a couple of weeks ago:-( so I need to make sure I have way too many corgettes!

  2. What a lovely splash of colour.
    I'm so pleased spring is here too!


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