Sunday, 11 November 2012

Charity begins at home

You may recall that I started a once a week charity donation called Fridays Fiver.  Unfortunately due to work pressures over the summer I wasn’t able to keep this up, blogging wise.  I have been donating throughout the year to various causes.  Here are some of the great causes I have donated to:

A dogs life – “A Dogs Life is an non-profit group whose volunteers work hard to give pound dogs the chance of a better life. We rescue stray and surrendered dogs that are not reclaimed or rehomed from Dunboyne Pound.”

Galgos del sol – “Galgos del Sol is a small rescue based in Murcia. GdS rescues abandoned and injured galgos (Spanish hunting greyhounds), rehabilitates them and finds them forever homes in the UK & other parts of Europe.”

Scooby Medina – “Scooby started out in 1987 as a shelter under poor conditions, providing refuge for the stray cat and dog population and the numerous Galgos (Spanish greyhounds) discarded mainly by the local coursing fraternity in the area of Medina del Campo, Valladolid.”

Many Tears Rescue – “Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is a small rescue based in South Wales but has dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. We take in and rehome primarily ex-breeding dogs who are no longer required; those on "death row" in the pounds and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them. MTAR also has a small cattery which enables us to take a small number of cats.

As well as my on going commitment to Action for Greyhounds, this year at the boatyard, my knitted and crocheted items that are on sale in reception raised £500 which I am donating to The Alzheimers Society in honour of my Father, Peter who was diagnosed earlier in the year with the disease.

After seeing a request on a knitting forum, I have been crocheting dog coats of various sizes and snoods and sent them to a small rescue in Spain called A New Day Spain Dog Refuge which is run by a tireless couple Keith & Maria Bradford who retired to Spain but ended up setting up a refuge for unwanted and abandoned dogs in Spain.  Please consider donating to them, however little, as they are really struggling at the moment due to the heavy rain.  They are in desperate need of money to fund concreting the pens the dogs are kept in.

I am currently selling knitted greyhound pixie hats in my Etsy shop to raise money for this wonderful couple and next year, they will be the recipient of the sales of knitted items from the boatyard.


  1. Sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis. My mum has dementia, so I know what your journey ahead holds.

  2. Such great causes. Glad you were able to raise so much for Alzheimers Society in honor of your father.

  3. You are so special to hold so many worthy causes close to your heart.

  4. You have some great causes there. We know of many rescue operations in Spain that are really suffering due to the well as funding problems. Deccy x


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