Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Greyhound Christmas Cards

Nigel kindly produced 2 designs of Christmas cards for fund raising for Action for Greyhounds featuring Tillie & Raven.  I think you will agree they are super – Can you spot the sweet greyhound angel on top of the tree and also where Tillie has set fire to her tail?

Xmas card 2012

Xmas card 20121

There are 8 cards in a pack (4 of each design) blank inside with envelopes £3.50 plus postage.  You can order your packs from the merchandise section of the Action for Greyhounds website HERE


  1. Very cute cards. Christmas seems to come earlier every year :)

  2. Oh they are lovely. How nice to have Xmas cards with Raven & Tillie on them! Deccy x

  3. Great cards! Reminds me of my boys in winter.


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