Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snow again!

Last weekend on Saturday we woke up to some snow again.  It has mostly gone now but is still hanging about in the cooler more sheltered parts of the garden.

IMGP5818-1024 IMGP5817-1024

Nigel’s boat is frozen in and stuck in it’s shed again so no rowing to work for him until the ice melts.  The hut in the tree is Sam’s old tree house which I now use to store all my bee-keeping equipment in.

Sorry for the poor quality picture of the heron but we did take it through the kitchen window.  The poor thing was stalking about trying to fish but to no avail.  He had got his eye on the bird feeders but was too shy to have a go.  I did throw some bread out to him but the gulls came down and stole it before he could get to it.



  1. It looks so pretty, but sure it was very cold for you!

  2. Wow- your poor birds must be hungry.


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