Sunday, 31 January 2010

Good Luck Rocky!


Yesterday saw us say goodbye to foster greyhound Rocky.  We drove him to his new home on the beautiful Sandringham Estate.  Sandringham is HRH The Queen’s Norfolk Country Residence.  Rocky will be going to live in a cottage with one of the estate’s employees.  We loaded the car with him, Tillie and his belongings and drove over to the other side of the county and met his new perspective owners on neutral ground to start with as they already have two terriers, Bradley and Dudley.  The meeting with his two new chums went well so we went to his new home where eventually he will also get used to the two resident cats.  In the kitchen next to a wood burning stove was a sofa ready and waiting.  Incidentally the cottage where Rocky is now living was originally built in  the grounds of Sandringham House as a summer house for Edward VII and his wife Alexandra but was allegedly used for ‘entertaining’ Edward’s many ‘lady’ friends!!  After the handover I reluctantly said goodbye to Rocky after promising that we would have him to stay when his new owners go on holiday.  I am sure he will settle in there well and have a glorious time with his new friends.  I shall miss having him around after looking after him for the last 4 months. Good Luck Rocky!

Rocky Sandringham-1024


  1. Wow what history. Hope he does well in his new home.

  2. That's great news Sara. I bet he'll have a super time, well done to you for helping him find his forever home:-)

  3. I can't take credit for finding him his home as AFG do all that side of things. Looks like we will be having our next foster boy at the weekend.

  4. Good look Rocky. By the sounds of it you'll be well looked after.
    Loving the painting.


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