Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Chilly Christmas Collections

The week leading up to Christmas saw Tillie, Rocky and myself help out Annie from Action for Greyhounds on a fundraising collection outside 2 big pet stores in Norwich. As everyone in the UK will know, that week was very cold due to the sudden cold snap we are currently still experiencing.  We were set to do 4 days in total including Christmas Eve.  One of the days I couldn’t manage as the night before coming back from one of the locations, my car was overheating and I had to call Nigel out to sort it out.  Annie however braved the cold for the full 4 days.  It was absolutely freezing standing out in the cold for 5-6 hours but well worth the effort as the good people of Norwich dug deep and donated approx £500 in total which was GREYT!  The hounds were well wrapped up in their coats and snoods and Annie had built a kind of grotto for them complete with beds and hidden gas fire!  Rocky did really well as this was his first meet & greet, he loved meeting all the new people, Tillie of course being an old hand at fund raising.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff people were buying for their pets, they were coming out of the store with armfuls of it.



The top 3 hounds are Tillie in the foreground with Rocky behind and the three legged Gemma (one of Annie’s 8 dogs).  The second picture is Tillie again with Zonda in the foreground (another of Annie’s dogs).  Tillie was being a right show off wearing her festive Chrimbo collar and tassel.


  1. What little troopers all bundled up to meet and greet in the cold. I really enjoy blogs from other countries... see what life is like else where.... althought sometimes its very similar :-).

  2. Smashing. Well done you guys!


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