Sunday, 24 January 2010


As discussed in my previous post I am trying to up my exercise – not doing too badly once I can motivate myself.  Since last posting I have done some cycling (on a stationary bike), 30 mins of walk, run, walk (knackering) and this morning we took the mutleys out for a 4 mile walk…….now if only I could resist that carrot cake I foolishly bought yesterday – but I am restricting myself to one slice a day.

Pin the donkey-1024

After decluttering a bottom drawer the other night I came across this card someone sent me and had to chuckle.

I have a few finished items to show you:

IMGP5803-1024  IMGP5788-1024

The greyhound pups are a really quick knit but take me ages to put together.  The fingerless mitts are super easy too, as usual Barbara has been helping with the knitting.

Some more Beatrix Potter characters sewn up by me for Barbara (but knitted by Barbara) – Jeremy Fisher and Tom Kitten.  Sorry for the photos but there hasn’t been any good light for days for photography.

IMGP5763-1024 IMGP5762-1024

The other day Julia - aka hooliaknits contacted me via Ravelry, offering me some unused acrylic yarn to help with the knitted and crocheted items we make for fundraising for greyhound charities.  I very gratefully accepted her generous offer and in the mail the other day came this huge pile. 


The houndies and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Julia for your kind thought and generosity, we can make greyt use of this!


  1. Oh my. The new characters are just lovely! It is time consuming sewing them up. I think it's because you have to keep an eye on it all the time. No watching Corrie like you can when you're knitting!

  2. Hi, Such a worthy cause. Thanks for all your hard work for theses lovely dogs. We are entering a co-operative section in our WI and we would like to knit a Jeremy Fisher but I'm struggling to track down a pattern. We would really appreciate it if you could help us? Regards SallyAnne


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