Sunday, 3 January 2010

Do I need more storage boxes?

The answer is yes when they look this good!


I just couldn’t resist them!

I was given some of that weird funky fur type yarn, so I combined it with some bog standard acrylic double knit and some very thin bobbly cotton type yarn and crocheted this bag up.  I am no good at lining anything so it will have to stay unlined.


Naughty me – as I have started yet another project before finishing off other things.  I am using up all my little tiny balls of yarn up on another throw/afghan, this time with crochet hexagons all bordered by a dark purple.  Saw the idea over at Attic24 but I have omitted the chain round and just done the last hexagon round straight into the last treble round and also I am not as posh as Lucy as I am only using cheap acrylic yarn, philistine that I am!



  1. Hi Sara,
    Poped over to check you out after your lovey comment, thank you.
    You have a super blog, I'll be back to investigate some more.
    Best wishes,

  2. I love those storage boxes - very jealous! :)

  3. Can one ever have too much storage? ;)
    It's great to find another Greyhound blog!

  4. i love your crochet hexagons - the colours are great x


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