Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Update on Rocky my foster greyhound


Rocky our current foster greyhound came to stay with us in September.  Since fostering him we have been told a little more of his previous history.  Apparently he was bred in Ireland in 2003 and bought over to England for the purpose of hare coursing, which he was quite good at.  After hunting with dogs was banned here in the UK he was no longer useful to his owners – another words once he could no longer make them any money, they weren’t interested.  So lucky for Rocky (as he didn’t meet a different more final fate) he was relinquished into the care of a rescue centre.  This is where his history gets sketchy for the next 2 years.  We can only assume he was pushed around the re-homing system, when probably in a bid to finally get him adopted he was transferred to Great Yarmouth Homefinders, part of the The Retired Greyhound Trust.  In 2007 he was finally adopted along with another greyhound by someone in Sheringham.  Rocky must at last have thought he had found his forever home but after 2 years he again found himself homeless.  This is where Annie of Action for Greyhounds stepped in and took ownership of him and this is when he came into our lives.  He had lived with a cat and was supposed to be cat friendly but Ali our cat was just too interesting for him and it took quite awhile for him to lose interest in him.  Now in the house he is fine with him but outside in the garden the chase instinct kicks in and he can’t resist giving chase.  Luckily Ali being very old now spends most of his time indoors and usually only ventures outside when he knows it is safe to do so.  Also Rocky is very interested in my chickens as the first thing he does when he is let out in the morning is to race over to their run to see on the off chance if one of them has escaped enabling him to have a jolly good chase round.  A couple of months ago this happened and he was gleefully chasing round the garden with one of my geriatric chickens in his mouth.  We managed to wrestle her out of his jaws and thought she must have died of fright but lo and behold she was none the worse for her ordeal.

Rocky is one of the quietest and easy to look after greyhound I have looked after.  In the house you wouldn’t know you had him as with most greyhounds he LOVES to sleep.  On walks he is easy to walk and doesn’t pull at all.  As he has been a hare courser in his younger days, he is quite ‘keen’ so on the occasions when we do let him off the lead, it has to be somewhere fairly safe if he gets it into his head to take off as his recall out our garden is non existent.  Most of the time he is content to quietly lollop alongside sniffing all the wondrous smells that are in the big outside world.  As yet there hasn’t been any interest in him.  As Action for Greyhounds is mainly a campaigning group it will be a matter of waiting for that one special person or family that wants a dog with Rocky’s personality.  He is so friendly with everyone he meets, young and old alike.  Very clean in the house and sleeps all through the night and can be left in the house safely.  Most of the time he is ok with other dogs but once in awhile he will take an instance dislike to a dog he either meets or can see on the other side of the road and he will snarl and bark aggressively – although i think this is out of fear mainly as he is quite submissive especially with my own greyhound Tillie.  He is the dog we have looked after the longest mainly because all the other times I have fostered have been for a different charity whose main priority is rehoming and not campaigning.  Secretly, I hope that no one wants to adopt him as I think he is gorgeous, a real halo dog and the only reason I haven’t openly said I would keep him forever is the fact that I wouldn’t be able to continue to foster other greyhounds.  So I am content to look after and love this special hound as long as it takes.



  1. I'll never understand why so many wonderful dogs have such a hard time finding a forever home. Rocky is a handsome dog and I hope he finds a wonderful family soon! I would love to foster, but my husband and I travel too much. I'm also a little afraid that I would get too attached to my fosters and want to keep ALL of them! I hope to one day though!

  2. I thought I would want to keep all my fosters and it is hard letting them go but I would not be able to foster anymore greyhounds and there are so many out there that need a helping hand. I know all the dogs I have fostered are in loving and happy homes now and hopefully I helped a little in giving them a head start in their new lives.

  3. He's a beautiful looking dog. What you do is great and hope you are able to continue doing so. They look like they all get on well together.


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