Friday, 11 December 2009

Finished Bags & Bags of Bits

IMGP5495   IMGP5493-1024

I have finished off the first String Bag in Sirdar Denim Chunky Brown and also another one in the same yarn but a flecky plum colour.  I finished them off with some small flowers sewed on just below the handles.  They are so easy to make and practically no sewing up (which I am beginning to loathe).

IMGP5503-1024    IMGP5500-1024

The husband of my friend Barbara (she of the volunteer knitter fame) dropped some bags of finished pieces off at the boatyard for me to stuff and sew.  Barbara loves knitting and will knit anything I ask and really quickly but she hates sewing up!  There is a mixture of her own things and some things she has knitted up for me to sell for greyhound rescue.  Over the next few weeks especially during the holidays, I will hopefully get them assembled.  Keep logging in and I will let you know what those little bags of bits turn into!


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