Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chilly Tillie in the Hills


We have been on some nice walks here in beautiful Derbyshire. On Monday, Nigel said we were going for a walk to Hartington but at the last minute changed his mind and we did a circular walk from just above Youlgreave taking in Bradford and Lathkill Dale – from the book Collins Ramblers Guide Peak District by Roly Smith.  Apparently it states it is about 4 miles and should take 2 hours – It certainly didn’t feel like it to me more like 6-7 miles.  Both Tillie and I were shattered by the time we got back to the car!  It was a very nice walk though and the weather was clear and bright.  We were wrapped up well in woollies and of course Tillie had her coat on. 

IMGP5455-1024    IMGP5449-1024

She had to be poked under gates and prodded over stiles somewhat and Nigel had to lift her over a couple of stiles, no mean feat when she weighs about 30kgs!  In the evening we wandered across to Litton and the The Red Lion where we have eaten before and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals in this cosy, friendly pub – I had Spicey Vegetable Enchiladas and Nigel had Ham & Eggs followed by for me Stilton Cheese & biscuits and Spotted Dick & Custard for Nigel.  Got back to the cottage for a lovely warm and cosy evening, but not before we met Shirley one of the owners of the cottages searching in the dark for one of her wandering collies.  We offered our services for a search party but she didn’t seem to be that worried and luckily this morning he was present again. In bed by 10.30 which when we are at home unheard of for us as we don’t normally retire until about 11.30 to midnight but it must be all this fresh Derbyshire air as we slept through until 8.30 this morning!

After a late breakfast in Bakehill we headed off to Castleton, where we did another of the walks in the book mentioned above.  Although we found it difficult to find the start of the walk but after a bit of wandering around we eventually set forth up a very slippery and wet path (more like a stream bed) that was at the side of Peveril Castle


This path climbed steadily and somewhat steeply to eventually come out on some hills overlooking Castleton.  The path eventually took us near the famous Blue John Caverns and then down through Winnats Pass which was spectacular.


We eventually wound our way back into Castleton.  This walk didn’t seem to be as tiring as the previous one and yet it was supposed to be the same length.  Again we were extremely lucky with the weather as it was dry and sunny albeit chilly after quite a heavy frost last night.

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