Monday, 28 December 2009


I was mooching around the internet looking for a string bag type pattern and came across this wonderful pattern Reusable Crocheted Grocery Bag.  Since finding this pattern a couple of days ago I can’t stop making them.  I have mostly been using some of the yarn that people have kindly donated to me for the use of making items for fund raising for the greyhound charities I support.  Some of this yarn wouldn’t have been suitable for making toys etc with but is absolutely ideal for making these string type bags.  Apart from the all beige, all cotton bag (far left in photo) I have been combining yarn and crocheting with mostly 2 or 3 yarns of different weight & colour with quite nice results. The yellow & white bag was made with a white nylon/acrylic yarn (Sirdar Sunseeker Souffle) and some yellow, hairy mohairish type yarn. The pattern is genius as there is no sewing up involved as you start from the handles and work down to the bottom of the bag.  The only reason I have slowed up making them is my thumbs are sore especially the left one – the dreaded RSI has reared its ugly head and I think I need to rest them for awhile. It is strange as the thumb that hurts the most is the in-active one, the thumb that holds the project.  I will have to try and relax my grip.

IMGP5592-1024 IMGP5594-1024

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  1. My mum used to have a bag like this and you cound cram it full of goodies!


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