Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bond Bag Lady

Cast on last night (can you cast on in crochet?) the string bag from First Crochet by Lesley Stanfield with some Sirdar Denim Chunky. 


Not sure how this is going to turn out as it doesn’t look very level to me at the moment.  I had to rip it back a few times as I had half an eye on the book and half an eye watching an old Bond film On Her Majesty’s Service.  We watched it on video as we had collected all the Bond films for Sam on video but then videos are old hat now and he now has them all on dvd which he has taken with him to Uni.  Very dated, apparently made in 1969 and the skiing special effects are along the lines of the actors being filmed from the waist up swaying from side to side in front of a picture of some snow, but great anyway.   I love James Bond but was disappointed with the last film Quantum of Solace as I thought it never really got going although Daniel Craig is definitely easy on the eyes.  Anyway, hope to finish the bag tonight, if I don’t get sidetracked by something else - Alison Hoggs Cupcake Pattern is calling me…………..!


  1. Hey Sarah. I love your new style blog. Very posh!

  2. Thanks! I have wanted to do some alterations for awhile especially the header and found a great tutorial on another blog.


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