Thursday, 21 January 2010

2010 goals

I have been reading lots of blogs lately where bloggers have published their goals for 2010, so not to be left out I have been thinking what my intentions for the New Year are going to be:

Number 1  Lose weight – I know this has got to be nearly everyone’s intentions and probably one of the hardest to keep, but I must lose my extra weight.  Ideally I would like to lose 2 stone (28lbs, 13kgs) by the middle of the year. 

Number 2  Exercise more – I mostly walk everywhere anyway  – to work, walking the dogs etc but this is what I normally do so can’t really be exercise as such.  I have a treadmill and exercise bike indoors which normally sits their unused and gathering dust but I am going to start using it again.  I have made a start – last week I cycled for 2 lots of 30 minutes and this week so far I have used the treadmill for 30 minutes although I am still feeling the effect of that one in my  biggeous gluteus maximus at the moment!

Number 3  Stop swearing so much! – This comes from the stress of running our own business along with my rapidly greying hair!

Number 4  Be more organised – some hope of that!

Number 5  Take more care with my appearance – I tend to just dress for comfort and practicality.  Most days at work especially this time of year (spring cleaning) I am cleaning something or other involving cleaners and chemicals etc so I tend to wear scruffy clothes.  I never ever wear makeup and my hair just needs some gel stuff rustled through it once a day.  Oh I nearly forgot, my beauty regime consists of slapping some moisturising face cream on once a day!  Hopefully this one will tie in with No 1 and No 2.

How do you think I will do?  Watch this space to find out!!!


  1. Definitely work on losing lbs.... its much more gratifying to loose a couple of pounds in a short time. My gosh it would take awhile to lose a stone! I'd lose interest :-). Just 4 more lbs for me.... as I eat a big burrito! :-)

  2. Realistically I hope to lose about a pound a week if I can - It seems ages since I had any chocolate:(

  3. Ha ! These could be my resolutions -
    Every. Single. One. :)

  4. good luck -- I'm so with you on most of these ( don't swear much , kids you know :-)

  5. Hey, good luck with your goals - I'm thinking I was a tad ambitious with mine!!


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