Sunday, 10 April 2011

Arrival of my new hens

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had lost my last 4 remaining chickens to a visiting fox.  After contacting Little Hen Rescue to find out when their next rehoming day was, we reserved 6 hens and this morning we drove over to Flordon and picked up 6 ex battery hens.  They are only between 50 – 70 weeks old and deemed by the farmer to be too old for laying.  In reality these girls will continue to lay eggs for years to come if allowed to live out their natural lives.




Once we got home we released them into their new home.  The first time in their short lives that they had felt the sun on their backs and the green grass under their feet.  They stood about looking very bewildered for a while but were soon pecking at the grass and plants and it wasn’t long before they were tucking into their feed.



Tonight should be interesting as when we put them away in their house at dusk we shall have to actually sit them on their perches.  Having never perched before this will take a bit of getting used to as all they have known is standing 24 hours on metal mesh in the battery cages.

I wonder when I shall get my first egg from them?


  1. Lovely chickens - Rhode Island Reds? I hope the fox stays away this time. I used to hate it when foxes got in at our hens - our hens had names! And personalities!

  2. They aren't any pure breed, just hybrids that are bred specifically for their egg production. They are all tucked away safely tonight, tired out from their first day of freedom.

  3. Sara, I was so touched by the website from which you adopted your newest feathered friends. You are a true inspiration with your selfless pursuit in rescuing animals.
    I had already done up a freebie of chicken/egg (for Easter) but pointed to your website/story and to LHR in the hopes that some might lend a dollar or two to the cause of Little Hen Rescue.
    Thank you so much for sharing - they are truly beautiful birds, had you not shared, I would have never known of their life before coming to you! They do look happy :o) and hopefully that sly fox will keep his distance. Best of Luck!

  4. Thank you Kimber, so kind and generous of you as always. You have a BIG heart!

  5. That is really neat that they do a hen rescue. I'm going to see if they do something like that here. I'm just interested, I don't think I can have hens right now. I can't wait to see how they adjust to their new natural life.

  6. Hope the ladies have settled in well, I do like your hen house!

  7. I didn't even know there were hen rescues! That's so awesome of you to get your hens from one.

  8. I don't think that grass will last too long! Mu parents' chooks destroyted theirs in no time at all x


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