Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Halfway to Hexagon Heaven

I actually started the project I am currently working on way, way back in Dec 2009! I started my hexagon blanket full of enthusiasm and diligently set forth and crocheted a number of hexys and joined them together as I went. 


Just as suddenly as I started, I then put it down and went on to other things.  Every time I was rootling about in my stash room, it reproachfully looked at me, hoping against hope that I would release it from its unfinished home and give it a new lease of life.  I pretended not to notice it peeking out of it’s box and overlooked it for more pressing projects.  But in my effort to try and work only from my ever increasing stash, I pulled it from its box and set forth with renewed vigour.  Even after working on it night after night for a good couple of weeks, I am probably only still about halfway as I plan to make it double bed size, which will not only fit my bed but also can double for a throw for one of my sofas.


I have had to fudge my resolve of only working from my current collection of yarn because I need quite a bit of the purple coloured yarn used to join all the hexagons together- Stylecraft Special Double Knit Shade 1425 grandly called Emperor.  The hexagons are made up of three rounds – round one 12 dc into a magic ring and joined, round two 2dc into the spaces of the previous round seperated by 1ch, round three 3dc into previous rounds ch space seperated by 1ch.  Obviously these are at this stage, still circles but are them turned into hexagons by the join as you go method much used by moonstitches and attic24.  I chose not to do the chain loop round but like the overall effect despite this.


I have lost count how many circles I have made and just to mix it up a little, complete the circles two ways, either crocheting a complete three round circle or making lots of round ones, then working all the round twos, then all the round threes.  I keep finding different colours to use and hope I haven’t got too many repeats but without really studying the blanket closely I am not sure.


I think I will work on it some more until I get hexagon burn out and then it may have to go back in the box for awhile again!


  1. Oh wow! That's gorgeous. And you really do have the patience of Job!

  2. Your blanket is beautiful, I love how the coloured circles look like flowers against the dark purple background. If I were making my blanket again I'd use just the one background colour too.


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