Saturday, 30 April 2011

Barmy about Bunting

I recently have been somewhat obsessed with crochet bunting.  I found a great tutorial over on the blog of Pink Fluffy Warrior and just had to have a go.  My first attempt was just plain triangles which I used outside our door - excuse the filthy state of the guttering, which has since been scrubbed!



Then I did some more triangles interspaced with some hearts, which I put up outside my kitchen window around the other side of the house.


I then had a go at bunting with letters – the ideas for the letters were taken from Melody Griffith’s “201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas”.



I put this up at the boatyard outside reception.  Unfortunately we had quite a windy day today and it kept blowing up on the porch roof, so no one could read it.  Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if over the weekend, some bright spark didn’t take a liking to it and spirit it away.



This bunting works up really quickly and also I only used yarn from my stash – which despite several projects, still doesn’t seem to be diminishing.

After finishing the bunting I have now started two more blankets, even though I haven’t finished off my hexagon throw yet, but I just couldn’t resist.  In my defence, I am still only working from my yarn pile, so I think it is allowed.


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  2. Oops! sorry, deleted due to terrible spelling! What I meant to say ia that your bunting is lovely and I especially like the welcome bunting :-)
    best wishes,

  3. Love these buntings! They look so bright and welcoming! Great idea!

  4. Great work! Bunting(colourful,pleasing) and dog rescue! I hope you are able to help as many of these pooches as you can!Best of luck!

    Greyhound Cards are brilliant as well!


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