Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday’s Fiver No 2

Today’s fiver goes to - Baas Galgo Association


This is an organisation set up by Sandra Baas, a Dutch woman living in Spain, who helps rescue and rehabilitates unwanted Spanish hunting greyhounds commonly known as galgos.

From the website:

Every year in Spain, thousands of Greyhounds are abandoned.  Many await a cruel death and others just wander around streets and highways.  Five years ago, Sandra Baas founded the BaasGalgo Association in order to protect these dogs and create public awareness of their problem. Every year in Spain, more than 40,000 Greyhounds are abandoned.  They hang them, beat them, kill them by a lethal injection of bleach, and starve them.  In BassGalgo, we rescue these dogs, we cure them, we give them affection and a second opportunity with their foster families in Holland, Belgium, and France.  It is essential that government commitment be in not only providing new animal shelters but also providing more education in the schools, and tougher laws respecting animal protection.  There is a need to increase public awareness! 


  1. That is just horrible and sad. What a good cause to choose.

  2. The level of cruelty that the so called civilised human race inflicts on animals never ceases to sadden and amaze me. That's a great cause to sponsor. Deccy x

  3. What a great cause. We have adopted out several galgos in our adoption group. Sweet hounds.


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