Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday’s Fiver No. 1

Personally I have been very fortunate in my life but I am well aware that this is not the case for everyone and have long felt the need to ‘pay it forward’ as such. I have been thinking of making regular monthly donations to some worthwhile charities & groups and whilst I do give throughout the year, I have never made a regular commitment.  I also use my limited crafting skills to sell things I make to raise money for greyhound charities that are dear to my heart, as well as volunteer for some other fund raising activities.  I have also sent crocheted squares, hats, toys etc to various charities that ask for them.

Recently whilst lying in bed trying to get to sleep one night, I came up with an idea that would make it easier to commit to a regular donation by making a weekly post on my blog.  I am going to call it “Friday’s Fiver”.  Each week I will donate £5 to a worthwhile cause and at the same time showcase the worthy cause on my blog, on, of course, a Friday.  I know £5 is not very much but to quote one of the UK’s leading supermarket’s favourite saying “Every little helps”.

So without further ado, this week, the very first Friday’s Fiver goes to Little Hen Rescue.

Little Hen Rescue

This non for profit group saves battery, barn and free range hens from slaughter and then rehomes them.  These birds are normally only kept for one laying season before being declared uneconomical as they don’t lay enough eggs.

From their website:

About Little Hen Rescue

Little Hen Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues thousands of battery hens from farms all round the UK. We not only catch, collect, rehabilitate the hens we rehome them on the good homes in which they can live there life to a natural end with kindness and care. Every hen is important to us, we spend hundreds on fixing those that need medical attention and we find those special homes. We try to educate youngsters and adults alike, via talks and visits to schools. clubs and groups.

Our aims are to give farmers another option to slaughter, as we and lots of you know these hens have so much more to give and many more years.   We rehome the hens on to people like yourselves with a good pet home for life.

We regularly save battery, barn and freerange laying hens, and have set dates to collect from our regular farmers.

I adopted 6 hens from Little Hen Rescue earlier in the year see this post and they now enjoy a safe, free range life away from the horrors of factory farming and are able to live out their natural span of life.



  1. That is a fabulous idea. Well done! Mum loves chickens, but we aren't able to keep any ourselves. However, Mum's best friend has a few rescued battery hens. Nigella, who must be ancient by now loves sitting on Mum's lap when she visits! Deccy x

  2. Crafting for charities sound great. Once I become a more accomplished knitter I want to try it

  3. Great idea! I'm sure extra exposure to their cause will be greatly appreciated.

  4. What a great idea your "Friday Fiver" is. Love the hen story. Nobody thinks to give hens a forever home. Very heartwarming. Thanks for the comment on my afgans. The purple and brown one my Mother had crotcheted. The Christmas one she helped me crotchet. I cherish them both as she is not with us any more. I try the odd thing but without her help find it hard.


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