Sunday, 27 November 2011

Snoods for greyhounds

I knit and sell greyhound snoods to raise funds for a greyhound charity called Action for Greyhounds. Of course I have two willing and sometimes not so willing models to photograph wearing the snoods – Here is todays photo shoot. You can find current snoods for sale HERE
IMGP1494 IMGP1501
IMGP1498 IMGP1499
IMGP1504 IMGP1496
My favourite is this one:


  1. Love your Greyhounds and their snoods! I wish I was that talented.

  2. What lovely models! I have a snood, but I confess to not being very keen to wear it! Deccy x

  3. The snoods are just as lovely as your models:) I meant to knit Beryl one last winter but it didn't happen.

  4. Do your greyhounds keep their snoods over their ears? My lurcher Tigger is happy to wear a snood but won't have it over his ears, he is very adept at getting it to slip back down without seeming to do anything to it.

  5. Mummy is slurping your snood pics....but it is in a good cause, so hope that is ok. She is putting a pic of your multicoloured one (goodness knows why, as it should be ME and ME ALONE in any greyhound pics!). She is planning to keep slurping pics and putting a link to you in her Hound Snood gallery because whether folks order a readymade one, or they buy the pattern, proceeds are going to the same place now.

    Love and snooty sniffles


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