Thursday, 10 November 2011

An afternoon out at the Seaside


Living in North Norfolk means that we are never very far away from the Norfolk Coast.  One of our favourite seaside destinations is Cromer -  famous for its crabs!


We had completed some chores in the morning and as it was unusually mild for the time of year, we thought we would take a drive to the coast.


After the end of September the restrictions for dog walking on the beach are lifted for the winter and Tillie & Raven like nothing better than a roar round on the lovely soft, golden sand, although this time the tide was in and covering up most of the sandy beach, but there was still plenty of room for a nosey about.


A couple of the crab boats had been out at sea and were coming into land on the beach where they were being pulled back up the beach by rusty, sea sprayed tractors. 


Once we had been for a walk, we went and had lunch in the Rocket Cafe which overlooks the beach and pier. 


They have outside verandah seating where you are allowed to take dogs.  I had pumpkin falafel, salad and chips – well, Tillie and Raven had most of the chips!IMGP1179



  1. Looks like a great day! The crabs and lunch look yummy. Lucky pups, getting most of the chips. :-)

  2. It does look like the family had a wonderful outing.. I love to visit the beach - although I find living next to it not nearly the 'picturesque' setting one would think.
    I had trouble with the photos loading for me - but I just had to refresh...
    I keep forgetting... your 'chips' are what we call 'fries'...
    our 'chips' are greasy, fried potatoes sliced paper thin, served at room temperature and usually are not part of the 'course' .. I just could not imagine you allowing the 4-legged children to indulge in too many of those.

    Blessings to you and yours. :) Thank you for sharing your lovely day.


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