Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pattern Junkie

I have to come clean, I have an addiction, apart from coffee and chocolate, something far, far worse….Patterns!  My acquiring of patterns far outstrips my time, my need, let alone my ability to ever get a teensy, weensy percentage of the vast amount of patterns that I now have in my possession ever done in my one life time, even factoring in hopefully that I shall be around for the next 40 – 50 years!

The last couple of weeks I have scored these:





The following three patterns I purchased from Debi Birkin Designs - Hemel & Hettie, Hooty Owl Cushion & Cupcake Tea Cosy.  All three of these patterns are available as instant downloads.


owlpillow-3_ezr2 cupcake-teacosy-small_ezr2

Last but not least this pattern – Quick & Easy Greyhound Sweater available from Aerie Designs over on Etsy.


Do you too have pattern addiction or are showing the tell tale signs?

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